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Maybe you are the type of person that has already tried the seasonal campsite rental model but would like to know more about the benefits our 99 year lease campsite owner option. Well on the surface the two options may appear to be similar but the fact is there are many benefits of our campsite ownership model that are not available with season rentals.

First and foremost our 99 year lease ownership model allows you to be the one to choose the campsite that you desire opposed to you being given the one that someone else chooses for you.

Second there is no doubt the pride that comes with ownership as it is yours to enjoy for as long as you like and any money you invest in campsite improvements are not money just thrown away.

When the time comes that you are done enjoying summer life at the campground, you can give it to your family, will it, or sell it and recoup your investment. The bottom line is it is your to do as you wish. Ownership provides you the comfort of knowing that you can invest money in campsite improvements like decks, covered or screened in, bunk houses, shed and such things knowing that should you ever decide to sell your campsite, that there is an excellent chance that you will be able to recoup your invest.

The bottom line here is that well kept attractive campsites are in very high demand when placed on the market. Then there is the annual savings on your annual campground service fees which cover things like water, power and general campground maintenance. The current level savings for our 99 year campsite owners is $1200.00 per season

We currently have some existing site options as well as we have our new custom site options available. If campsite ownership sounds appealing to you then all you have to do is reach out and contact us and we would be happy to answer any and all questions that you may have.

For more information e-mail us at or call: 306 539 2180