Notice to Seasonal Campers

Rates for 2023 Boat storage – Summer storage is available again behind Papa Geordies. Please contact James @ 306-539-2180 to make arrangements as soon as possible to secure a spot as it fills up quickly in the summer months, once the gated compound is full you will be provided a site in the unsecured storage,  the price is the same for both.

Summer Season Rental is $150.00 GST included for the period May 1, 2022 to October 31, 2022, this will not be prorated by the month. Yearly fee is $300.00 GST included. Storage is on the North Side along the service road west of the grocery store. 

Boats are not permitted in the campground unless they are hooked to a vehicle and being charged, or if you are loading or unloading it.

Overnight Guests with Recreational Vehicles - If you have family or friends camping at your site with their own trailer there will be a 20.00 charge per night if they are not plugging in, if they are hooking up to your water and/or power the charge is 50.00 per night.  Prior approval via email is still required, as we need to ensure we can accommodate extra campers,  once approved you will be responsible to collect the monies (cash or cheques)  from your guests and deposit with a note in the front mailbox at the gate or dropped off at site 41

Parking - Please note that all visitors  and or additional vehicles including golf carts  you have that do not fit into your site must use the outside perimeter open areas for parking, this is required so emergency vehicles can access all areas of the campground in case of emergency.  If your vehicle no longer fits into your site due to expansion or size you must also park on the outside perimeter - the entire vehicle must be off the road.  Please do not park in your neighbours site


Septic pump-outs -   The cost per pump is $20.00 for Class A & B,  Seasonal renters are $45.00 and additional $10.00 will be charged if your trailer also needs to be emptied, if you require this service you must be there to dump your holding tank into your main septic, this is a service our staff are not required to do.   Please deposit your cheque in the main mailbox at the gate with your name and site # clearly marked.  All monies must be in the mailbox on Sunday by 8 p.m. in order to get your septic pumped that week.  Septic service will only be available Monday to  Friday.   If you require a pump out after 5 p.m. on a Friday until  Monday at 8 a.m this will be considered an emergency pump and the charge will be $60.00 (please note this will also include statutory holidays) - please call James directly @306-539-2180 

In order to avoid an emergency pump always check your tanks when leaving the campground for the weekend.

Please email: if you have any questions

James Sinclair

Text: 306  539 2180