RBCG K1 Purchase Information 

RBCG K1 Update, July 2021

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Welcome to RBCG K1

Well, it is hard to believe that we are already nearing the end of July as it seems like it was only yesterday that we were just beginning the 2021 camping season. I am pleased to be able to provide you with the following update as originally I was hoping to have been able to do this much sooner however as I am sure many of you can appreciate that 2021 has been a year full of challenges for us all.

I sincerely believe the RBCG is truly one of southern Saskatchewan’s premier privately owned campgrounds. I would like to say that much of this is attributed to you folks who have formed the backbone of the RBCG community and for this I am very grateful. This past April I hired a survey company to come in and carry out a formal survey of all campsites and I am pleased to say that this work has been completed. 

My law firm has been hard at work on the completion of our new Class A Member Lease documents. It is my expectation that we are only a matter of days away from being able to schedule a general presentation to all campground occupants which will be held at the RBCG quonset. (Specific details regarding the date & time shall be forth coming very soon)

After much consideration, we have decided that we will be having representatives from my law firm deliver a presentation on this new opportunity in order to better serve the interests of all people within our RBCG community. We will also be allowing some time for some Q & A which I believe will go a long way to help everyone better understand the new ownership structure we are transitioning to.

As I have previously stated, I have committed to completing the transition from the current year to year seasonal campsite rental model, to the campsite ownership share model within the next ten (now 9) years. In today's update I would like to focus on two distinct options which will be of interest for anyone wishing to take a closer look at the campsite ownership share lease model. This will help you gain a better understanding of the various benefits and the additional value ownership will bring you. 

I sincerely believe that each of you will come to see that the campsite ownership model can & will bring you significant value for making this investment in addition to the fact that you will own your campsite ownership share. Keep it, give it to your kids or pass it on to a family member, it is yours to choose what to do with it.

For those who are considering the value of owning a Class A Members lease which will see you become the owner of your respective campsite I am pleased to be able to announce our early purchase bonus plan which will only be available for a limited time.

Option One:
It is very important to note that Option One has two key dates involved in which we have included complete details below. The first date has an additional bonus for those wishing to save some money.

The first key date to note is Sept 30, 2021 for people who have already made the decision that they wish to proceed with the purchase of their Class A Members Lease and have completed the purchase and made full payment before September 30, 2021 they shall receive the extra bonus savings offer of...

The price listed for your site shall include GST which as you can appreciate will result in substantial savings for you.

For people who have completed the purchase and paid for their site before Sept 30, 2021 you will also receive all of the additional benefits included with the second date involved with the early purchase bonus program.

Please note that after Set 30, 2021 the price listed for your site will not include the GST and you will have to pay the GST as you would normally do

The second key date to remember is October 31, 2021 and for those people who make the decision to move ahead with completing the purchase and paying for their site before October 31, 2021 you shall receive all of the following value added benefits.

1. For those people who have made the decision to move ahead and complete the purchase of their Class A Members Lease of their campsite and have paid in full by October 31, 2021. They will become eligible to receive up to a 50% discount on their annual campground fees. It is important to note that any final decision in regards to what your campground fees will be, will be made by the members board of directors. (Note only members who have completed their site purchase and paid in full by October 31, 2021 shall qualify for whatever level of discount the board shall decide upon)

2. Each Class A Member shall receive 10 years free storage in our secured fully fenced storage compound located behind the grocery store. ( Note: Only one unit  per Class A Member for this special offering)

3. Class A Members shall receive a free driving range & future water pack pass. (Note: This pass will be for four people and shall be valid for Five years from the date the water park opens)

4. Class A Members shall receive no cost bobcat services which can be used for things like landscaping your site, moving sheds / buildings within your campsite. (Note any landscaping materials will be required to be purchased).

5. Class A Members shall not have to purchase watering permits

6. Class A Members who have paid in full by Sept 30, 2021 shall receive two tickets for our draw which will be held in which one member will win free annual camping fees for the 2022 camping season.

7. Only Class A Members will be eligible to submit their name to be elected to the board of directors and only Class A Members are able to vote in these elections. The board of directors shall consist of two members from the old area of the campground and two members from the new areas of the campground. There will also be one director appointed from the campground management team. The board shall consist of five directors in total with each member having one vote on matters regarding the campground. The board of directors shall be responsible for overseeing campground operational matters & shall also be responsible for managing critical infrastructure capital improvement projects such as water & electrical improvements.

8. Only Class A Members are eligible to vote on campground capital improvement projects or any question put out to the members at large to be voted on.

9. Class A Members shall receive free winter storage of their RV’s located on their site

10. Class A Members shall hove their septic service locked in at 20.00 per empty for three years.

Option Two:
With option two, it is my sincere desire to try to make our campsite ownership model available to as many families as possible while recognising the day to day pressures that many families face. I am very committed to working with each of you that are sincerely interested in exploring the option to purchase your campsite to come up with a purchase payment plan that will suit your personal comfort level. I will be available & most willing to meet with anyone interested in exploring what type of purchase payment plan we can develop to suit your family budget. Options Two Benefits are as follows. ( For anyone having entered into a campsite purchase plan by October 31, 2021)

1. For anyone having committed to an option two purchase payment plan by October 31, 2021, you will have guaranteed & locked in your campsite purchase price. (Note: Class A Members Share pricing will be evaluated on an annual basis to ensure current pricing accurately reflects.

2. Payment plan purchasers shall receive one ticket to be entered into the draw for free 2022 annual campsite fees.

3. Septic services shall be locked in at 20.00 per dump for three years.

4. Note: Once you have made full payment of your Class A Membership Lease, you shall be granted full member voting rights and become eligible to submit your name to be elected to the board of directors when these elections are held.

As stated I am committed to allowing tens (Now 9) years to complete this transition however as I am sure you can appreciate there are many very attractive benefits in committing to the purchase of your campsite before Sept 30th, 2021. For those not ready to make the purchase commitment I do respect your decision and you will be provided this ten year period to have completed the purchase of your respective campsite or have made the decision to sell your current site assets and conclude your stay with us.

I would like to remind people that the Regina Beach Campground is and shall remain completely separate from any other business ventures that I have such as the water park & the driving range along with the club house. I would like to close by saying that I would like to see each and everyone of you continue to be members of the RBCG community however I do appreciate for some the campsite ownership may not be of interest to you. If this is you, I would like to thank you for being part of the RBCG community and wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

It is important to know that this early bird bonus purchase plan is a one time offer which shall not be offered beyond October 31, 2021.

Within the next ten days I shall be issuing a notice via email to each of you to provide you with the details regarding the date, time & location for the informational session we will be hosting for anyone interested in learning more about this great opportunity.

General Campground Governance
I would like to ask for everyone's support & understanding that there will no doubt be some bumps in the road as we work through the transformation phase of transitioning from the current seasonal rental campground to the new members campsite ownership model. With the above being said I am committed to working with each of you if or when any such challenges might be encountered as it is through working together that we will be able to address any such challenges on a case by case basis.

It is important to understand that during the initial stages of the transitional process there will be three types of campground occupants with us in the campground.

  • There will be the Class A Members who already own their site lease.

  • There will be the Class B Members who have also committed to purchasing their site lease and are on the campground payment plan.

  • And there will also be some seasonal renters remaining from the previous seasonal rental operation.

Based on the above it is very important to understand that all occupants shall be responsible to pay their annual campground fees as determined by the board of directors. It is also important to note that the campground board of directors will be responsible for any campground infrastructure projects and that any such projects will be put out to the Class A Members to be voted on for approval or rejection. Because infrastructure improvement projects are considered to be for the greater good of the entire campground at large, any projects approved by Class A.

Members shall be funded & paid for by all occupants of the campground by dividing the total cost of the project by the total number of sites with each occupant paying their equal share. All occupants must remain in good standing for any and all fees applicable to their respective campsite or shall be treated as an overdue account and dealt with accordingly. I am very pleased to say that the campground will be turned over to the new organisational structure in a complete & debt free status.