Last Mountain Lake​ 

Regina Beach Campground

Summer Times 2017

Spring is here and we are looking forward to the new season!  It will be great to see all of you again and to welcome any newcomers to the campground.  

We would like to send out a big heartfelt thank you to the following people for their contributions to the RBCG: 

First off we would like to thank each and every one of you for coming out and taking part in making Regina Beach Campground the community that it is.  We love to see all the kids out playing together and enjoying our great Saskatchewan summers.

To the RBCG council members for your continued leadership and guidance.

To Wendy & Denis Muehmel and their crew for a well-planned and enjoyable golf tournament.  Keep up the great work!

To Denis Muehmel – Thank you for all your time dedicated to getting the driving range going for our campers to utilize this season.  More info below.

To Ed Mann – Thank you for all your continued dedication to the trees.  We appreciate all your hard work. 

To Gary Strong, Burt and Meegan Linklater, Dave Hertzog, Joanne Goodhue and Joe Metz for all your hard work and dedication to the campground last year.  

To Harold Sartison for all your hard work cleaning up and organizing the sports shed, fixing up the horse shoe pits and for helping with the West side washroom upgrade.

To the Social Committee – Thank you for all the successfully organized events last year.   We look forward to the 2017 events!

Sincerely James & Lisa

2016 Accomplishments

Occupancy agreements – thank you to everyone who got their agreements back to us.  There are still a few to be handed in so please get those in as soon as possible.

Storm Shelters are now complete with roll down doors.

West Washrooms were upgraded with new flooring, toilets and paint.

Water in low areas are now more under control.

We rebuilt campsite that was completely under water.

The storage was moved over to fenced area behind Papa Geordie’s. 

The site renumbering was completed.

New for 2017

RBCG Clothing  - will be for sale this year.  See website for details.

RBCG Garage Sale Fundraiser – The Social Committee will be accepting donations for the Garage Sale again this year.  Please keep that in mind as you clean up your site this spring.  Garage sale date to be announced.

RBCG Community Garden – We will be working on getting the garden up and running for the 2018 season.  We will be transplanting the remaining trees in the nursery and start to work up the ground in this area.  If you are interested in a plot in the campground garden please contact Lisa.

Regina Beach Septic Service – James and Lisa are happy to announce that Regina Beach Septic is now open for business.  We will be servicing the campground starting this season.  Please contact us to have your tanks cleaned out by either leaving your name, payment and site number in the mailbox at the front entrance or to call 306.729.7266.  The fees will remain at $20.00 per pump Monday - Friday or $40.00 for weekends or emergency pumps.  All Cheques to be made payable to Regina Beach Septic Ltd.

Pets - We have added to the bylaws this season that there will be no tolerance for guard dogs in the campground.  If your dog shows any signs of aggression towards anyone we may ask you to remove your dog from the campground permanently. 

RBCG Driving Range – We will continue working on the driving range this spring.  Please watch for updates on the website.

Quonset Rental -  We will be asking all who rent the Quonset to fill out and sign a rental agreement – The agreement outlines the rules and responsibilities of you as a renter.  Please contact Lisa for more details.

Seasonal fees payment confirmation – Once your post-dated cheques are received this Sept 1st Lisa will send you an email or telephone confirmation.  If you have handed in your fees but do not received confirmation by Sept 15/17 please contact Lisa immediately. 

Season start up – Please do not hook up your water hoses to your trailers until after the water has been turned on as we have to flush all the lines at each tap.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Season shut down – Please unhook all hoses at shut down.  This helps us out when we are blowing out the lines.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Staff – We are happy to welcome back Gary Strong, Burt and Meegan Linklater to the campground this summer!

RBCG Roads – We will be bringing in more reclaim this year to fix up the campground roads and we will be re-routing Strong Way to incorporate getting over to the store and driving range.

Speed in the Campground – We will be incorporating more speed bumps and speed limit signs this year.  The speed limit is 20 km/hr please be respectful of this bylaw.  And please stay on the roads do not drive around speed bumps on the grass!

2017 Council Members:

Yvonne McAuley & Kelly Miller, Denis & Wendy Muehmel, Irvin & Jackie Mitchell, Gary & Joy Strong, James & Lisa Sinclair, Harold Sartison & Vi Janz.

We are also very pleased to welcome Kevin and Julie Murphy and Tom Fesciuc.

The RBCG council is in place to provide guidance to James & Lisa and also to assist campers with any concerns they may have.  If a situation arises that you don’t feel comfortable approaching James or Lisa, you can always contact a council member and they will do their best to help you out.  Please understand that all issues coming to council, James or Lisa are kept confidential. 

Council Members & Current Site #’s:
Tom Fesciuc #31
Yvonne McAuley Kelly Miller#25
Denis & Wendy Muehmel #41
Irvin & Jackie Mitchell #129

Kevin & Julie Murphy #119
Gary & Joy Strong #59
James & Lisa Sinclair 306.539.2180 306.529.2812
Harold Sartison & Vi Janz #63

Important Dates for 2017

April 28th – First official day - Power will be on and water will get turned on as the ground temperature allows.  Please do not hook up hoses until we are done with the water turn on!

May 6th - Emergency meeting– Anyone is welcome to go through some emergency procedures with James.  Hot dogs and refreshments provided.

July 8th – Kids play day – details to follow.

July 22nd – Parkfest - Details to follow.    

August 12th & 19th -  These two dates have been set aside for either the RBCG Golf Tournament or the Adults Appreciation night depending on the availability at the golf course.  Details to follow

Oct 1st  - Last Day of 2017

Also please stay tuned as the social events for this season will be announced by the end of April.

Quick Reminders!

Washrooms - Please keep your children from playing in or around the washrooms. 

Water in Flooded Areas – We will continue to keep the low laying areas pumped out.  We are for your patience after rainstorms as it does take a bit of time for our pumps to catch up.    

Storage – Summer Storage is available again behind Papa Geordies.  Please contact Lisa to make arrangements as soon as possible if you are needing a spot.  Cost again is $35.00 per month plus GST.   Access is on the North side of the facility along the service road west of the grocery store.  Those of you who fall under the 10 year storage you will remain valid within the facility until the 10 years expires.

Overnight Guests –Please contact Lisa to let her know if you are planning on having overnight guests as it is important to know how many people are in the campground at any given time.  Again there is no additional charge unless they are plugging in a trailer.  The fee for plugging in trailers is $40.00 per night.

Dogs– You must attend to your dogs at all times while at the campground.   All dogs must be on leash when outside of your campsite and you are responsible for any mess that your dog makes. If your dog is found unattended or causing a disturbance you will be held liable.

Spring Site Cleanup

All sites must be cleared of construction wood, excess items, garbage, leaves and debris by June 15th.  This will enable the shrubbery to grow and keep the rodent population down.  We will have an area again this year for the leaves.  This is for “LEAVES ONLY”!!  Please do not bag your leaves!! Dump leaves in the pile.  Do not include any garbage with your leaves as it will be used for mulch.  In the past years we have found poison in this pile there is absolutely no poison allowed in the RBCG.    

Please keep your site clean!  Our campground and its campers take pride in how clean and beautiful the campground and their sites are.  The RBCG will not tolerate any clutter or extra vehicles stored at the campground in and around your site.  After June 15th RBCG will do inspections of the campground to make sure all sites have been cleaned up.  If they have not then RBCG will clean up your site and haul clutter to the town landfill at your expense.  RBCG will charge you $100.00 per hour plus landfill fees.  

NO DUMPING – Do not bring any outside debris into the campground to dispose of. This includes leaves or wood from your primary homes.

Any metal must be disposed of at the town landfill at your expense.  The RBCG no longer has a metal pile for you to make use of.

Burn Pile – The Burn pile will be relocated this year to another area which will be announced at the start of the season.  This is for wood from your campsite only.  If anyone is caught dumping anything other than wood from your campsite you will be asked to remove items and take to the town landfill at your expense.  Continued non-compliance will result in RBCG removing the wood pile all together. 



The trick to keeping all wildlife away is to make your yard no fun. No place to sleep, no food and a very unwelcoming atmosphere.

Do not leave dog food or water out.

Do not leave garbage out

Do not leave BBQ uncovered or scraps out.

Poison Ivy

Please be aware that there is poison ivy in the campground.  It takes direct contact to “catch” poison ivy. Contact with any part of the plant—including leaves, stems, or roots—can result in an itchy skin rash.  It’s not the plant itself that causes the rash; it’s the oil within the plant. This oil, called urushiol, is extraordinarily potent and can stay active on any surface. If you come into contact with poison ivy or oak, wash the exposed skin with soap and water, or wipe the affected area thoroughly with rubbing alcohol.  You have about 10 minutes before that poisonous oil causes a reaction. Play it safe this summer, and remember this helpful rhyme whenever you venture into the woods: “Leaves of three, let it be.”

 Seasonal Fees

Thank you to all of you who got the 2017 fees into us by the due date of September 1st 2016!  As stated in your occupancy agreements this is now mandatory to have your post dated cheques in by Sept 1 every year.  If you still have to hand in your post dated cheques please make sure you contact Lisa to make necessary arrangements as a late fee may apply. 

Starting in 2017 if the fees are not received by Sept 1 an automatic $100.00 late fee will be added onto your seasonal fees.

Please note the RBCG preferred method of payment is cheque or money order.

2017 Seasonal Fees are as follows:

East Side 30 amp Campsites with Winter Storage

          $2862.00 + $143.10 (GST) Seasonal fee
          $170.00 Trailer park tax
          $200 (GI $9.52) Winter Storage

East side 30 amp campsites without winter storage

          $2862.00 + $143.10 (GST) Seasonal fee
          $170.00 Trailer park tax

West Side 30 amp campsites with winter storage 

           $2650.00 + $132.50(GST) Seasonal fee
           $170 Trailer Park Tax
           $200.00 (GI $9.52) Winter Storage

West Side 30 amp campsites without storage
           $2650.00 + $132.50 (GST) Seasonal fee
          $170.00 Trailer park tax

West Side 50 amp campsites with winter storage

                $3000.00 + $150.00 (GST) Seasonal fee
                $170.00 Trailer Park Tax
                $200.00 (GST $9.52) Winter Storage

West Side 50 amp campsite without Storage

                $3000.00 + $150 (GST) Seasonal fee
                $170.00 Trailer Park Tax

Winter Storage applies to those who leave their trailer on site for the winter that don't fall under the 10 year storage.

Additional Fees

Water Permits will be available again for those of you doing any watering this summer.  Cost $50.00

Water Barrels – Please contact Lisa to purchase.  Cost is $50.00

All cheques are made payable to the Regina Beach Campground Ltd. and can be mailed to:

PO Box 9
Regina Beach SK

Please have all your post dated cheques for 2018 in by Sept 1/17.  They can be mailed in, handed to Lisa or put in the mailbox at the new entrance.  

NEW THIS YEAR – Once fees are sent in you will receive a confirmation of payment by Sept 15/17.  If you do not receive this by Sept 15/17 please contact Lisa immediately.    

Thank you in advance for your compliance. 


For emergencies please call 911

After you have called 911 please contact James at 539.2180.  James, Lisa, Burt and Meegan all have CPR and first aid training, Kelly Miller (site #25) is also a first responder.  All are willing to help out in an emergency.

The defibrillator will be kept at the living quarters by the old front entrance for anyone to use if need be.   Please remember you do not need any training to use a defibrillator.  The defibrillator will walk you through what you need to do.  You may also receive guidance from 911.  This device could save someone’s life so please don’t be afraid to use it!!

We are composing a list of campers who have CPR training.  If you wish to be added to the list please contact Lisa.  This list will be kept next to the defibrillator.

Quonset Rental

The RBCG Quonset is available for rent to any camper.  The fee is ­­­$200.00 per day.  You will have access to the BBQ, fridge, freezer, TV, portables and firewood.  The renter must fill out and sign the rental agreement at the time of booking.  The price on the website does not apply to seasonal campers.

Quiet Time

Please respect your neighbors and keep noise to a minimum from the hours of 11 PM to 8 AM.  If you are planning on entertaining guests past 11 PM please make arrangements to rent the Quonset.  If you have an impromptu party that is going into the quiet time please call James to see if the Quonset is available as you may move your party down there for no fee. 

RBCG Property

Under no circumstances shall any unauthorized person tamper with the RBCG’s electricity or water.  Results could end up in injury or death.  Any violators to this bylaw will be held liable for all damages.  If you have violated this bylaw please call James to have the situation rectified.

Town Water may be used for showering and laundry services.  The water is potable but please drink at your own risk.

Seasonal Site Improvements, Trailer Upgrades & Tree Removals

In order to do any kind of improvement to your site you MUST have approval from Lisa or James.  Process is as follows:

Submit a drawing to Lisa that includes the materials you are going to be using as per building code (updated building code on internet) as well as a contact number you can be reached at.

James or Lisa will then review.Allow for 10 business days for approval process to take place.

Once you have your signed approval you may begin.

Any unauthorized improvements will be removed by the RBCG staff at your expense.

All trailer upgrades must be approved by James or Lisa as not all trailers will fit in all sites.

Any tree removal from your site must be removed by RBCG staff.  Please keep in mind that it does take a number of years to establish a tree therefore we encourage you to try to incorporate the trees into your plans.  We do however understand when they cannot.  If this is the case please contact Lisa to make use of the trees in the RBCG nursery and plant new trees in your site.

If you plan to remove an excessive amount of trees fees may apply.

There is a buffer zone between each site to give privacy.  Please respect this zone and do not cut it down.

Construction Equipment Use

Any construction equipment being operated on the Sinclair Estate will be owned by either the RBCG, JRA Construction or Gary Strong.  If you are in need of hiring James or Gary for a larger construction job you may contact James 539.2180 or Gary Strong 536.5564.  The charge $100 per hour.

Septic Removal (In ground holding tanks)

Please contact Regina Beach Septic Ltd. for removing septic from your IN GROUND septic tanks by either calling directly @ 306.729.7266 or place name, payment and site number in mailbox at front entrance.  We are not responsible for emptying your trailer holding tanks.  If you are requesting your trailer holding tanks to be emptied there is a surcharge of $10.  Please do not flush sanitary supplies as they clog up the pump.  If this does happen you may be responsible for damage.

There will be NO FREE septic dumps at the start up or shut down of the season as done in the past.  The charge is $20 Mon – Fri 9-5 or $40 for evenings and weekends.

Please make your cheques payable to Regina Beach Septic Ltd. 

Grey Water

The Department of Health will not tolerate any disposal of grey water/sewer onto the ground.  This grey water is treated as sewer and needs to be disposed of properly as this is a health risk.  Violation of this could get the campground shut down therefore any person found guilty will be asked to leave the campground. 

Important Contact Numbers:

James: 306.539.2180
Lisa: 306.529.2812
Gary: 306.536.5564
Emergency: 911