Last Mountain Lake​ 

Regina Beach Campground

Beware Everyone!

We had a disturbing incident yesterday morning around 6 am when two men were trying to break into someones trailer while they were sleeping. Thank goodness the camper was able to scared them off and nobody was hurt.  We do not have a description of these two men as the camper didn't get a look at them but did hear their voices and we believe they are younger men.  I have phoned and reported to the police and then I went around to each site to see if they broke into anyone else's trailers but did not find anything out of the ordinary.  I encourage all of you to look through your sites and make sure nothing is missing.  Please lock up your trailers and sheds when you are not around and when you are sleeping.  

I would also like to mention that James and I are available 24 and 7 so if something like this happens please call us right away so that we can respond and possibly catch them.  

There has been other incidents this spring with theft and trespassing in the campground.  Please do not let people through the gate if you do not know them.  

Lastly if anyone knows who the owner of this jeep is please call and let us know as we are trying to get a hold of them.


Posted May 25 2017

RBCG Water!!

Hello All!  After a long week of fixing water breaks,  we are up and running.  Water is on!  See you all this weekend!

Posted May 17 2017

Fundraiser for Regina Beach Rebels

The Ladies fast ball team is hosting a fundraiser steak night at the Waterfront Beach Bar on June 9th  Tickets are $25.00 each.  They are also doing a progressive booze basket draw.  Draw will be on June 24th at the year end tournament.  Tickets are $5.00 each.  You can purchase tickets from Lisa. 

Posted May 16 2017

RBCG Water

Hello Everyone!  We have been working on getting the water turned on to the campsites for the last week.  When we first turned it on we found we have three breaks to fix and there was still frost in the ground in some areas.  We will continue to work on this until we are up and running.  I will post when it is on!

Thank you for your understanding.  In the meantime the East washrooms are open and there is water available there in the laundry room as well as at the West Pump House.

Posted May 16 2017

Welcome Back Everyone!  It was nice to see so many out last weekend and the weather cooperated for the most part. 

RBCG Water

The water to the campsites will remain off until all the frost is out of the low lying areas under the trailers and decks.  If the water lines freeze up in those areas then those people will not be getting any water until June not to mention it is extremely hard on the infrastructure.  So for now we will continue to keep the portables out, the water on at the pump house and the water trailer at the East Washrooms. 

If you are having a bonfire please ensure that you have water at your site. 

Thank you for your understanding.

Emergency Meeting

Will be held on Sat May 6th at noon in the Quonset.  We will have hotdogs and refreshments.  Hope to see you all there.

Posted May 4th 2017

Newsletter is now posted!  Please take the time to read through as there is very important information for you all to see.

Posted Mar 22 2017

Please note that the price for septic pump out on the Regina Beach Septic page is not pertaining to the in ground tanks within Regina Beach Campground.  The cost per pump for our campground is $20.00 per pump mon - fri and $40.00 per emergency pump or weekends.

Posted Mar 22 2017

2017 Season

Opening Day April 28th 2017

Closing Day Oct 1st 2017

Attention Everyone!  We are looking forward to welcoming you all to the 2017 season.  We will be posting the Summer Times before the end of March.  Please check it out as we will have all events posted as well as new information for this coming season. 

If you haven't already you must hand in all post dated cheques and Occupancy Agreements as soon as possible!   Please contact Lisa if you have any questions.  Lisa 's cell 306.529.2812.

Hope you are all having a wonderful off season!

Take care and see you all soon,

The Sinclairs

Posted March 15 2017