Last Mountain Lake​ 

Regina Beach Campground

2017 Seasonal Fees 

East Side Campsites with Winter Storage

          $2862.00 + $143.10 (GST) Seasonal fee
          $170.00 Trailer park tax
          $200 (GI $9.52) Winter Storage

East side without winter 

          $2862.00 + $143.10 (GST) Seasonal fee
          $170.00 Trailer park tax

West Side with winter storage 

           $2650.00 + $132.50(GST) Seasonal fee
           $170 Trailer Park Tax

           $200.00 (GI $9.52) Winter Storage

West Side without storage
           $2650.00 + $132.50 (GST) Seasonal fee
          $170.00 Trailer park tax

New in 2017 - RBCG will be installing 4 - 50 amp sites in the old group camping area.  Price will be $3000.00 plus applicable taxes.

Winter Storage applies to those who leave their trailer on site for the winter that don't fall under the 10 year storage.

Landscaping Supplies

$70.00 per bucket of rock this price includes GST.

Please call Lisa to order material 306.529.2812

Water Permits

$50.00 / permit

If you are planning on watering lawn and plants you are required to purchase a water permit.  Please call Lisa to obtain one 306.529.2812.

Septic Removal

Regina Beach Septic (owned by the Sinclairs) will be servicing the campground starting this season.  Please contact us to have your in ground septic tanks cleaned out by leaving your name, payment and site number in the mail box at the front entrance or by calling us directly 306.729.7266

Price: $20.00 per pump Mon - Fri and $40.00 per pump on weekends or emergency.