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Regina Beach Campground

Regina Beach Campground Bylaws


Lights over 3 watts must be turned off when not in your site or when sleeping.

All lights, air conditioners and electric hot water heaters must be turned off when not at RBCG (this includes timers).

If the above is violated you will be notified and it will be your responsibility to have the device turned off.Please check your site before you leave as it will save you a trip back out to the beach.If you do not fulfill your responsibility, RBCG will shut the power off to your site.

Electric heaters are not permitted.


Golf carts are the only unlicensed motorized vehicles permitted to be driven within the RBCG property. The only exception to this is equipment being operated by the RBCG staff or contracted personnel.

Golf carts must be equipped with proper working lights in order to be driven at night.

All drivers of vehicles must be at least 16 years old and possess a valid driver’s licence.Under age drivers shall not be permitted to operate any vehicles on RBCG property.

Bicycles are not permitted after dark.Operators of bicycles must stop at posted stop signs as they are there for your safety.


The RBCG posted speed limit is 20 km per hour.This speed limit is to be adhered to at all times within the campground areas including roadways between campsites.This speed limit is posted for the safety of everyone especially children.It also cuts down on the amount of dust.Please ask any violators to slow down or report violators to any of the RBCG staff members.Your cooperation and assistance is greatly appreciated.


All boats must be parked in designated area only.

All visitors must park in designated areas as we need to keep all roadways clear at all times.

No parking shall be permitted in posted areas by the washrooms as this area is to allow quests to empty RV holding tanks


All pets must be leashed when outside your campsite.

Excessive barking or other disruptive noises will not be tolerated.

You are responsible for your pet and any mess they may create.

*** New *** There will be no tolerance for guard dogs in the campground.If your dog is aggressive in any way he/she will not be permitted in the campground.


East side washrooms will be closed daily from 9-10 am for cleaning.

West side washrooms will be closed daily from 10-11 am for cleaning. Please be respectful of these times.

No smoking or drinking of alcohol shall be permitted in the washroom area.

No sunflower seeds or food of any kind is allowed in the washroom area.

RBCG staff will make every effort to keep the washrooms stocked and clean.Your assistance in keeping the washrooms neat and orderly is greatly appreciated.Please notify RBCG staff if the washrooms need attendance.

Children are not allowed to play in or around the washroom area.

Noise Bylaw

11 pm is quiet time.Please respect your neighbours.

The Quonset is available to all campers for larger events.Please make arrangements with management 729-2629.

Also, if you have an impromptu event at your site and it continues past 11 pm, you may move your party down to the Quonset free of charge provided the Quonset is not already booked.Please make the arrangements with James (306) 539-2180 or Lisa (306) 529-2812 or (306) 729-2629.

The use of profane language will not be tolerated.


All guests must follow the bylaws of RBCG and are the responsibility of the occupant holding the seasonal site.

If you are having guests stay out overnight, you must make arrangements with management to register your guests and possibly pay for extra water and power if they are using their own recreational vehicle and are hooking up to RBCG services.

Site Management

There is no poison allowed at RBCG at any time.This includes the off season.

Each occupant shall be responsible for maintaining their site in a neat and tidy condition throughout the camping season.If your site is not maintained and becomes unsightly, you will be asked to clean it up.If the request is ignored, RBCG will clean up the site and you will be charged a cleanup fee as designated by RBCG.

All site improvements must be approved by RBCG management prior to construction commencing.Please submit a detailed plan outlining what is being constructed, where on your site and what materials are being used.You also need to inform management if any trees need to be removed or if excavating needs to be done.

Please respect the buffer zones between sites.The buffer zone is there for your privacy and the privacy of your neighbours. RBCG may, at their discretion, re-establish any buffer zones.

All garbage may be placed in the garbage trailer.All metal and wood may be placed in designated areas by the farm yard.

***PLEASE NOTE*** When vacating your site, any sales of your improvements must be coordinated with RBCG officials before any monies are exchanged between parties.  For details or clarification, please call Lisa @ 306-529-2812.

***PLEASE NOTE*** All trailer upgrades need to be approved by RBCG as not all sites can accommodate every type of trailer.

***PLEASE NOTE*** Trampolines are not permitted at RBCG due to liability issues.

***PLEASE NOTE*** No firearms shall be permitted on RBCG property.


RBCG asks for your cooperation in abiding by these bylaws.These bylaws are there for your protection and safety.They also help keep costs reasonable.

Any violation of these bylaws could result in the eviction from the campground.

RBCG wishes all occupants and guests a safe and happy camping experience and we are open to any suggestions on how to make the campground even safer.

Any questions regarding these bylaws can be clarified by calling RBCG @ 306-729-2629.


Regina Beach Building Code

All buildings and related improvements (improvements) must be approved by RBCG management prior to construction commencing.

You will be required to submit for consideration a diagram illustrating the proposed structure(s) being built, placement of the structure(s) on the site and a detailed listing of materials being used in the construction.

Maximum building size is 100 sq. Feet.

Building material must be pressure treated wood.

All decks must be 5/4 inch round deck boards or composite decking.

Blocking for decks, trailers and guest sheds must be constructed of pressure treated wood or cement.

All buildings must be sided with metal siding in neutral colors.Protective coating should be clear.

New roofs or replacement roofs must be metal roofs.

No tarps shall be used as permanent windbreaks or used as a fence or roof.

Fencing spikes are not permitted when building fences.

New fences should be either chain link or good neighbour style and pressure treated.No paint please.

Installation of sewer tanks must be approved by RBCG.

Electrical improvements made or constructed to a site must be completed by a by a licensed electrician. No electrical improvements shall be made to any of the permanent electrical facilities used to service the campground, except by licensed electricians as designated by RBCG.

All additions and improvements are meant to be permanent structures and will form part of the site and may only be sold and disposed of in accordance with the terms of your occupancy agreement. When vacating the site your improvements will be assessed and a fair market value will be determined for them.Only permanent structures will form part of this assessment. Trailers and campers will not form part of the assessment.

Any locates required are completed by Amped Electric at your own cost.Arrange through Lisa.

If you need clarification on any improvements or regarding any of the provisions outlined within the RBCG Building Code, please contact RBCG management prior to commencing construction.




Thank you RBCG